Odd Folks: Apple Crumble

Odd Folks: Apple Crumble

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Featuring RAD Gloves’ Jordan Crockford.

In early February 2015, four Australian snowboarders travelled to East Coast of the U.S.A for three weeks to shoot photos for Transfer Snowboard Magazine after hearing about the massive snow falls they were having. When arriving in New York we found that we missed the storm and was left with piles of dirty piles of ice. With barely any street experience, no knowledge and no locals to show us around, most of the trip was spent in the van searching for spots to hit. After continually getting kicked out of spots in Central Park, the search went into Brooklyn, Harlem & the Bronx in the hope of actually been able to session a spot. Almost two weeks in we were getting tired of shovelling piles of ice around and trying to set up spots, so we jumped in the rental van and headed up to Boston. We went from struggling to have enough snow for spots to having to shovel rails out from underneath of the snow.

Thanks to Burton Aus/Nz and Transfer Magazine

Film: Marcus Skin / Jolbey
Photos: Banjo Mclachlan
Edit: Marcus Skin


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